Limited collection of 500, by Giorgio Balbi. Launching on Nil, coming October 31, 2021 at 18:00 UTC.

Perseverance is a generative art project made up of 500 unique pieces. There are 4 different types of variations in their algorithms, each type is randomly distributed and the amounts are not equal. The "perseverance" arises from the idea of ​​creating a generative art model that combines multiple variations in its strokes, colors, density and angles, generating different visual textures.

The name arises, because I believe that perseverance is the most faithful tool to go through the difficulties of life, each work of art represents the paths of life, full of illusions, sadness, joys and hopes, represented in unique lines, reflected in a collection.

Minting Details:

The presale minting period will be exclusively available to supporters in the allow list and n project holders. Each wallet, regardless of sale stage, will be able to mint up to 2 pieces.

Allow List Presale: Oct 31, 17:30 UTC with 50 spots on the list

N Holder Presale: Oct 31, 18:00 UTC for all n holders. 1 n = 1 perseverance. n holders can mint a maximum of 2 pieces in the presale with 2 n

Public Sale: Oct 31, 20:00 UTC for any remaining pieces that have not been minted

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